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Here's my lecture on tornadoes and hurricanes,

After you hear this you'll be happy it rains.

So now I start off with the Deadly Tornado,

put down your pen and rap a little while!

The Highest wind speed here on Earth,

made by a tornado faster than birth.

Tornadoes are small,but not so putile,

Try out running one and it'll see you from a mile.

Sucking up everything in its path,

including buildings,trees, and even Grass.

Tornadoes happen when the ground gets warm,

and a bubble of air starts rising like a swarm.

If a tornado forms on the sea,

Then it will sting stronger than a Giant bee.

Called a waterspout from the ocean,

Nothing can stop it not even a potion.

When a Tornado loses its energy,

Objects crash down begging for sympathy.

The Torro Tornado scale classifies speed and power,

evacuation is a minute to a half-an-hour.

0 to 12 is the ranking of the scale,

0 being the lowest,12 you gotta bail.

Thats the end on the section of a tornado,

Now I'm going to teach that goes with the flow

So turn off the lights so I can show.

Sometimes called a Tropical Typhoon,

not from a movie or a childish cartoon.

I'm talking about a hurricane fast and furious,

trying to touch one,you stupid or delerious.

People ask me how does a hurricane starts,

I can tell you now its faster than Pop Tarts.

The center of a hurricane is very calm,

As you go out it turns into a bomb.

Rising hot moist hair develops around the eye,

shaped like a round piece of pie.

As this humid air spirals up and cools,

pooring out water like a dog usually drools.

As the water condenses into rain,

this is all part of a hurricane.

Meteorologists are always on the look out,

looking for a sound bigger than a loud shout.

Satellites are used to find a hurricane,

predicting everyone is driving me insane!

Clement Wragge introduced the name,

ever since then its been the same.

From 1852-1952,

Hurricanes were discovered by you know who.

In the country US of A,

Hurricane Andrews struck Florida one day.

1992 was the date this occured,

blew everything away, even little birds.

I have told you the mass of destructions,

All caued by a hurricane destruction.

Thats the End of my Presentation,

It was so fly,that its a sensation!


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